Beech House, Bere Alston, Devon

In 2014, Colmer Ecology was commissioned to carry out an initial protected species building assessment of a proposed extension impacting the loft and external façade of the existing property. During the protected species building assessment, evidence of roosting pipistrelles was recorded and due to the impacts to protected species from the proposed works, additional bat surveys were carried out.

Bat emergence and re-entry points were subsequently identified, mitigation proposed and by working in close partnership with the client and architect, planning permission was granted.

As a pipistrelle bat roost was to be lost, a European protected species licence was required which was applied for once planning permission was granted. Colmer Ecology wrote the licence on behalf of our client as well as carrying out soft demolition and working closely with building contractors.

In 2016, monitoring of the in-built squeeze boxes in the roof and external gable end Habibat box occurred with evidence of bat usage recorded on site. The favourable conservation status of the pre-existing pipistrelle roost was maintained within the new building extension.

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