Pre-development Assessment

Thinking of purchasing a site for development or non-development purposes? Unsure of the ecological constraints in terms of time and financially? Or thinking of land banking during an economic downturn, unsure how your site should be managed to reduce your ecological risk? A pre development assessment is essential.

If your answer is yes, Colmer Ecology provides an initial pre-development or pre-purchase walkover survey which aims to identify the following:

  • The potential ecological matters the site may have
  • What further surveys may be required and the likely associated timescales
  • Cost implications
  • Advice on ongoing land management where land banking is proposed in order to reduce your ecological risk

Our initial pre-development surveys could also be used to negotiate any land purchase price, but it specifically enables our clients to be fully aware of potential ecological constraints, potential costs and further implications. This is an invaluable tool when assessing cost exposure.