Preliminary Ground Level Tree Roost Assessment

Where trees are to be impacted, felled or arboricultural work is required, it may be necessary to carry out a preliminary ground level tree roost assessment.

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This survey is a standardised method of evaluating the potential for trees to be used as bat roosts. The survey methodology follows current bat survey guidelines as well as incorporating the latest information and techniques from ongoing research.

A tree roost assessment can be undertaken at any time of the year, although the optimal period is between December and March, when leaves are absent. Following a preliminary ground level tree roost assessment, it may be beneficial to undertake an inspection surveys to confirm the suitability of features using endoscopes where possible.

If evidence of bats is noted, further Roost Characterisation Surveys would be required. However, if no evidence is noted but potential exists (for example extending holes at height), further Presence/Absence Surveys may be required.

Our ‘Bat Surveys Made Simple’ flow chart will provide an overview to what may be required, with further information on timings found on our ‘Survey Calendar (pdf).