Protected Species – Phase 2

The need for further protected species surveys is normally highlighted early on during our ‘Preliminary Ecological Appraisal’, ‘Protected Species Building Assessment’ or ‘Preliminary Ground Level Tree Roost Assessment’. This enables time delays and their associated costs to be minimised during planning applications, while safeguarding the protection and continued ecological functionality of protected species.

Bat survey carried out in a very professional fashion as was the detailed report.

Private Client

Phase 2 surveys enable appropriate mitigation to be designed, licences to be applied for, and the implementation of works. Early ecological engagement is crucial, as a large proportion of phase 2 surveys are time sensitive, therefore please refer to our ‘Survey Calendar(pdf) for further information.

Colmer Ecology has considerable experience in dealing with protected species surveys and is able to assist from initial assessments through to planning application and ‘European Protected Species Licence’ application.