Several species and habitats found within the UK are protected by European and UK legislation. Therefore the need for identifying protected species is a legal requirement.

The need for further protected species surveys is normally highlighted during our Pre-development/Extended Phase 1 Habitat Surveys. This enables time delays to be minimised during planning applications and decreases the costs associated with delays, while safeguarding the protection and continued ecological functionality of protected species.

The recognition of a protected species can be a significant constraint to any development proposal. They also have the potential to dictate the time, location and nature of the construction. Early identification through protected species surveys enables appropriate mitigation to be designed, licences to be applied for, and the implementation of works. Many planning applications are refused or rejected due to inadequate identification or the likelihood of protected species being present on a site.

Colmer Ecology ltd. has considerable experience in dealing with protected species and is able to assist from initial surveys to planning application and European Protected Species (EPS) licensing.