Totnes Hydro, Totnes, Devon

Colmer Ecology was commissioned to carry out the terrestrial ecological surveys of this twin hydro power scheme and fish pass project in Devon. We carried out a preliminary ecological appraisal and bat tree roost assessment as well as protected species assessments for otter and water vole.

We advised our client throughout the ecological planning process as well as present findings to the local community during stakeholder consultation. We worked closely with the landscape architect and engineers to provide additional ecological enhancements such as green roofs, additional bat roosting provisions around the site and ecological planting.

Due to the complexity of the site location within several ecologically sensitive designations, an ecological mitigation strategy was proposed in consultation with statutory and non-statutory consultees. Ecological impacts during construction were reduced, with long-term ecological enhancements for migratory fish and terrestrial species.

A fish counter was installed in the newly created fish pass, with experimental research in support of the scheme showing that fish were able to pass through the slowly rotating turbines with no adverse effect.

The turbine has been operating since late 2015, generating approximately 1,350MWh of renewable energy, enough to supply 300 homes annually.

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